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A peak into TISSNET from the Topper


TISSNET is a test of your alertness and confidence in your own self. It is a 100 minute test with 100 questions which has Quants, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning and 40 questions on GK. The official TISS website clearly mentions the topics to be studied.

As I was preparing for CAT, TISS Quants and Verbal Ability was taken care of by this preparation. Ideally for Quants and Verbal Ability – Arun Sharma books’ Level of Difficulty 1 was sufficient, Level of Difficulty 2 would be a safe practice if you have sufficient time, this would make sure you score as high as possible in the final exam. For Logical Reasoning questions like patterns etc, you can also try RS Aggarwal. I tried only a few exercises from it because of its huge size, and paucity of time.

In the exam there is no classification of sections. The questions are listed one after the other, 1 to 100. This made it a little difficult to prioritize which section you want to solve first. Even though all Maths or all English questions are listed in one order, say 1 to 30 all Maths questions, there were still issues with the questions. Especially for DI, the graph or pie chart was listed, then 2 questions based on it were listed and after 4 or 5 questions the 3rd question on the same set was listed. As it is a 100 minute exam with 100 questions, each second counts. So it is important to stay alert and focused. Some of my friends said their test ended 5 minutes early automatically. So it is important you take a few mocks for the speed. Giving NMAT for non-negative, speed based exam is a good choice that is what I did. A list of the link to mocks can be found on my blog –

GK and even other sections can be easier with some presence of mind. For example one GK question had a long statement based on economics, which was taken from a book and the question was which Nobel laureate said this. The options had all Indians. Among the options only Amartya Sen was a Nobel laureate in economics.

Hence, TISSNET is just about keeping calm and staying alert for those 100 minutes. For MA in HRM, the cutoff was something around 70 as far as I remember. As the TISSNET has around 40% weightage in final selection, scoring above 80 is a safe bet.

VistaMind Strategy for Cracking TISSNET

Sections*  No. of Questions Ideal Time Allotment
(in min)
Scan of Paper 2 -3
General Knowledge 40 15
English 30 30
Logical & Analytical Ability 30 40
Buffer time 10
100 100

*Since there is NO Negative Marking, it is imperative that you attempt all questions !


The author is a current PGP student of IIM Bangalore, 2016-18 batch and the Topper of TISSNET 2016! Palak, was a student for GDPI at VistaMind. You can read her blogs at

January 3, 2017

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