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Directors’ Special Batch -2017

What are the Features of The Directors’ Special Batch -2017

  • 37 Hi-Intensity classes including 5 special grammar classes.
  • 15 workshops ( 6 QA, 3 DI, 3 LA, 3 VA/RC).
  • 20 SmartCATs with discussions from the Directors (Common to all students).
  • Special One-on-One discussions on preparation and strategy with the Faculty.
  • Unmatched Interview preparation to ensure CONVERSION of a Call.

What are the benefits of joining the Directors’ Special Batch -2017 course?

  • A guaranteed interaction with the best trainers in the country for CAT.
  • Increased chances of getting into the IIMs, XL, FMS and other top B Schools.
  • Easy access to mocks, discussions, material and teachers.
  • Convenience of preparation.
  • Saving of valuable time by NOT commuting.

Who will be conducting the classes?

The best in the business of training for CAT conduct these classes online. The list of Directors and Faculty who will be taking the classes include Arkss, Rahul, Nishant, Raghunath, Ankuran, Srinivas. Each one of these have more than a decade experience in training for CAT and have sent 1000s of students to the IIMs alone.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Any student who has written CAT 2016 is eligible to apply.

What are the other pre-requisites?

Here a basic assumption is made that the CAT aspirant is well versed with the basics of the areas that appear in CAT and is looking for a Fast-Track, Time-Saving, Comprehensive Refresher Course to get the student up-to-speed for CAT 2017!

Where is it held? Is there a Location to which one has to come?

Attend the classes from your HOME! All you need a Hi-Speed Internet Connection. Ideally 512 kbps or more.

What are the timings and days when the classes are conducted?

9:30 pm on the days of the class

Tentatively – Wed, Fri and Sat. The schedule will be available to all students who register for the course.

What are the Fees for the Course?

Since this is a special batch for achievers who have cracked a 90%ile plus, the course fees depends on the CAT score.

  • Students with IIM/XLRI Calls – 9950
  • Students >90%ile  – 11950
  • Students <90%ile – 16950

*Scanned Copy/Soft Copy of the CAT Score Card will be mandatory to avail the special fees. Students without the copies of CAT Score Cards will have to pay Rs 16950/-. This is on the assumption that the student has actually taken CAT and has received the claimed percentile. Since the level of the course will not have too much of Basics taught, it is advised that only students with the right percentiles apply.

Photograph Name VID Institutes
Adhi-Narayan-Y-R Adhi Narayanan Y R 6366 IIM-Kashipur, IIM-U, NITTE, IIM-C, IIT-Kharagpur, XLRI
Aditya-Ravishankar Aditya Ravishankar 1223 XIM-B, Nirma, SIMB-B, BIM
Akshath_A Akshath A 6464 IIM-L, IIFT, XLRI, MDI
Akshav-Bagree Akshay Bagree 6281 IMTG, SCMHRD
Alamelu-Somasundaram Alamelu Somasundaram 6478 XIME-B,Amirtha,LIBA
Amogh-Bihani Amogh Bihani 6297 IIM-L
Anand_Ashok_Kumar Anand Ashok Kumar 6290 IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-I, SPJMR, IIM-L
Anand-Saxena Anand Saxena 4808 NMIMS-M, IMT-G
Anirban-Banerjee Anirban Banerjee 3318 TAPMI, GOM, GLIM
Anunay-Tintin Anunay Tintin 6299 XLRI, IIFT-D, SIBM-P, NMIMS-M
Apoorva-Ramachandran Apoorva Ramachandran 1736 GIM
Archana-Yadav Archana Yadav 3283 SIMS
Aritra-Chakraborty Aritra Chakraborty 15293 SIIB
boy Arnab Animesh Das 4989 IIM-C
Arnab-Mohanty Arnab Mohanty 4807 IIFT, IIM-S, XLRI
Ashish-Saini Ashish Saini SBU-3214130 SCMHRD, SIIB, SIMS-P
Asraar-Hyder Asraar Hyder 6508 MDI
Ayush-Raj-Singh Ayush Raj Singh 6362 IIM-C
girl Aashima Singla 6420 IIM-C, IIM-I, IIM-K, IIFT, IIM-L
Baljinder-Kaur Baljinder Kaur 6515 IIM-U, IIM-Kashipur, IMT-N, IMI-D, IIM-Ranchi(HRM), IIM-RAIPUR,
Challa-Sai-Abhishek Challa Sai Abhishek 6456 IIM-B
Chiranth-S Chiranth S 4118 IIM-S, MDI, IIM B, NITTIE
Deepak-R Deepak R 4455 IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-I, IIFT, IIT-B, IIT-D, IIM-L
Deepika-Koppulian Deepika Koppulian 10447 BIM-Trichy, IIM-Kashipur, IIM-U, NITE, GLIM, IFMR
Dimple-Jain Dimple Jain 4923 IIM-S, IIFT D, IIM- Ranchi, IIM- U
Divya-Pant Divya Pant 5356 IIFT
Dyuti-Haldar Dyuti Haldar 3983 SIBM, TAPMI, NirmaU, BIM-Trichy, IMT-G, LIBA, KJSIMSR, IMI-D
Ganesh-Nagarsekar Ganesh Nagarsekar 6307 IIM-C, IIM-L, IIM-K, FMS
Geetha-Kala Geetha Kala 5362 IIFT-K
Gowtham-Annam Gowtham Annam 3631 IIFT-K, NMIMS-M
Gowtham-R Gowtham R 3942 IIM-B, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-Rothak, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Kashipur, IIM-U, IIM-Tirhcy
Hariprasad-B Hariprasad B 6352 IIM-I, IITD
Harsh-Patel Harsh Patel 6465 NMIMS
Hemapriya-J Hemapriya J 6393 IIM-I
boy Iniyaa Cheran 5226 IMT, IMI
Jeevan-R Jeevan R 4272 XLRI-HRM
Jishnusanyal Jishnusanyal 4384 XIMB
John-Fraser John Fraser 6403 IIM-K, IITD
Kamalika-Poddar Kamalika Poddar 3937 SCHMRD, MDI
Karthik-Kumar Karthik Kumar 6367 IIM-B, IIM-I
Karthik-R Karthik R 5226 XLRI-HRM
Kaustav-Biswas Kaustav Biswas 5044 IIM-S, IIM-Kashipur, IIM-VIS, IIM-NAG, IIM-U, IIM-TRI, NITTIE, SCHMRD, IMI-D-HRM, BFS
Kislay-Kumar Kislay Kumar 6414 IIM-L
Mahantesh-H-V Mahantesh H V 4782 IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-S, IIM-L, IIM-UD
Manikanta-Sriramk Manikanta Sriramk 6404 IIM-Raipur, IIM-U, IIM-Rothak, IMT-G, TAPMI, NMIMS-B, BIM-Trichy
Manoj-Bharadwaj Manoj Bharadwaj 6378 SPJMR, IIT-B
Medha-Charutvedi Medha Charutvedi 4914 XIMB, IMT-G, IRMA, TAPMI, KJSIMSR, IMI-D
Mehul-Khot Mehul Khot 6510 IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-L, IIM-I, FMS, IIT-D, IIT-B, IMT-G, MDI-G, NITIE
Mitesh-Kumar Mitesh Kumar 4936 IIFT-K, , IIT-B, IIT-D, IIT-Kharagpur, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-U, IIM-Kashipur
Mohammad-Ashraf Mohammad Ashraf 15689 IIM-I
Mrunaalini-S Mrunaalini S 5516 SCHMRD
Namita-Kulkarni Namita Kulkarni 5462 MICA
Nandha-Krishnan Nandha Krishnan 6387 IIM-S, MDI, IMI-D, IMT-G, IIT-M, IIT-K, TAPMI
Naveen-Asokan Naveen Asokan 3963 IIM-B, IIM-K, IIM-I, IIM-C, FMS, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-U, IIM-Rothak, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Kashipur
Nidhi-Anand Nidhi Anand 6336 IIM-B, IIM-C
Palak-Marwah Palak Marwah 6437 IIM-B, IIM-K, IIM-L, TISS
Prahlada-B-N Prahlada B N 6683 IMT-G, TAPMI-M, IMI-D, KJSIMSR, Nirma, IIM-Ranchi
Prashanth_Srinivasan Prashanth Srinivasan 6353 IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-U, MDI, NITTIE, IIM-S, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-Rothak, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Khashipur, IIM-Thirchy
boy Prashanthi Balaji 6370 IIM-I, XLRI-HRM
Preetam-Modi Preetam Modi 4885 SCMHRD, XIMB, XLRI, IIM-U, IIM-TRI
Prithvi-Raj-E Prithvi Raj E 6458 IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-K
Rangoli-Agarwal Rangoli Agarwal 4781 NMIMS-M, IMT-G, IMI-D
Rashmi-Ramesh Rashmi Ramesh 6361 IIM-I, XLRI-(BM)
Ravi-Ranjan Ravi Ranjan 4238 IIM-L, FMS, NITTIE
Riddhi-Pratim-Ghosh Riddhi Pratim Ghosh 6413 IIM-C, IIFT, IIM-L
Rishabh-Kothari Rishabh Kothari 6461 IIM-S, SJMSOM, IIM-U
Ritesh-Kumar Ritesh Kumar 4924 XLRI, XIMB, IRMA
Rohan-Sharma Rohan Sharma 6311 NMIMS, XLRI
Roheet-Tandlay Roheet Tandlay 6643 TISS, IIM-U, IIM-RANCHI, IIM-Tirchy
girl Roshani Shetty 3972 IIM-S, IIM-I, NMIMS-M, IIM-U, IIM-Ranchi
Sachin-Ganeshan Sachin Ganeshan 3970 IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-S, SPJMR, IIM-L, IIM-I, IIM-Rohtak, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-Trichy, IIM-U, IIM-Kashipur
Sagnik-Sarkar Sagnik Sarkar 6409 IIM-B, IIM-L, ISB-Hyderabaad
girl Saikrupa Viswanathan 4867 NMIMS
boy Sajith V 3540 GIM
Sankha-Som Sankha Som 6674 XIMB, IIT-M
Satadru-Chakraborty Satadru Chakraborty 6277 IMT-G, IIM-RANCHI, NMIMS-M, KJSIMSR, IIT-Kharagpur(MHRM )
Sayak-Sarkar Sayak Sarkar 6201 IIM-K, IIM-I, IIT-D, IIM-B, IIT-B
Shadan-Mahtab Shadan Mahtab 6341 IIFT-D
Shaseem-Shamsudheen Shaseem Shamsudheen 3448 IMT, IMI
Shikha-Bajaj Shikha Bajaj 3902 TAPMI, Nirma, FORE
Shourya-Shirsha Shourya Shirsha 6354 IIT-KGP, IMI-D
Shubhankar-Guha Shubhankar Guha 6415 IIM-I, IIM-U, IIM-Rothak
Siddharth-R Siddharth R 15667 IIM-I, IIFT-K
Sidhu-M Sidhu M 2000 IIM-B
Siva-Soundar Siva Soundar 113 IIFT
Soumyadeep-Banerjee Soumyadeep Banerjee 6419 IIM-K, IIM-L
Srijan-Maji Srijan Maji 6382 IMT-G, GLIM, NMIMS, IMI-D
Suman-Patra Suman Patra 2250 IIM-I
Surendar-D-R Surendar D R 3982 GLIM, NITTIE, IIM-RANCHI, IIM-U, IIM-Kashipur, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Rohtak
Tanay-Shankar Tanay Shankar 6358 IIFT-K, IIM-I
Thirumagal-Gunasekaran Thirumagal Gunasekaran 85 NIT-Trichy, IIM-U, LIBA, IIM-Ranchi HR, IIM-Tirchy, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Kashipur
Venkatesan-S Venkatesan S 4324 IIM-C, IIM-I, IIM-L, IIM-B, IIT-M, IIM-K, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-U, IIM-Thirchi, IIM-Rothak, IIIM-Raipur, IIM-Khashipur
Vignesh-Kumar-B Vignesh Kumar B 3973 IIM-B, IIT-M, IIM-Kashipur, IIM-ROTHAK, IIM-U
Vinayagavel-S Vinayagavel S 2039 IIM-I
girl Viswanthitha K 6561 GLIM
Vivek-Lade Vivek Lade 6454 IIM-I, NITTIE, IIM-Tirchi, SIU-P, SIBM
Yaamini-Rathinam Yaamini Rathinam 2407 IIM-Ranchi
girl Yasaswini M 4331 SCMHRD, TAPMI, IMT-G, GLIM, IMT, IMI