Ace the IIFT Interview

How to crack IIFT interview

Congratulations on clearing the IIFT written entrance exam!!

Next round to get into IIFT, New Delhi and Kolkata is the GD/PI round. There are three non-eliminative processes conducted every year for the shortlisted students:

  1. Essay Writing: Essay writing topics are generally current affair topics and are to check your General Knowledge, writing skills and time management skills. You should have a good knowledge of last 4-5 months affairs happening around. Aspirants are advised to read the newspaper daily and go through Vistamind’s classes on current affairs to score good marks in this process.
  2. Group Discussion: IIFT conducts Group Discussion differently. You will be given about 2-3 minutes to jot down the points on given topic. Then each individual will be given 2 minutes to speak on the given topic which would be followed by open discussion for about 8-12 minutes. Since IIFT gives a significant weight to General Knowledge, GD topics are generally based on current affairs and demand a good knowledge about them. The strategy to ace this process is to come up with as many examples as you can on the given topic. Some of the donts to be followed in IIFT GD are:
  • a) Don’t be repetitive while making your points.
  • b) Don’t get aggressive in GD.
  • c) For men: Don’t interrupt or cut in between a female aspirant.
  • Read about major happenings as much as you can. Go through vistamind current affairs sessions and give 2-3 mock GDs.
  1. Personal Interview: Generally, PI panel consists of 3 professors and 1 alumnus. In most of the cases, PI process is based on IIFT CV form which you had filled earlier. Be thorough with your CV form which includes details of your birthplace, places you have visited, places where you have stayed, the meaning of your name, your achievements, questions related to your work experience, if you have any, your goals etc.


All the best!!

January 2, 2017

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